Communion or Spring Festival

In all traditions and cultures, the transition between the different stages of life is marked. That often includes a party, but there is also the craving for more than celebration. A ritual strengthens people in taking a big and important step in life.

Our organization offers the following possibilities:
A first communion or form is a clear choice that is situated within the Catholic Church at the age of 6 or 12 (possibly 17) years. One speaks of a sacrament.
Those who do not, or do not choose, can opt for a growth blessing.
Precisely because one wants to mark life here with a symbolic act or ritual, Emmauscommunity/Rent-a-Priest offers this formula.
During the prior contact, we work out together what we want to express with the growth blessing and how this is shaped. This is an excellent opportunity to be very creative with the personality of the girl or the boy.

During the first communion celebration, bread is broken and life shared in the wake of Jesus. For Christians, this gesture is of great importance and children who do so for the first time feel very welcome in the group of family and friends who join them. We like to make it an unforgettable celebration-tailor-made.
Teenagers have already come a part of the way: primary school time is over, the big school gate will soon swing open, life unfolds to them in so many facets and colours. With their form, young people get an important plus sign, a ‘God’s cross’ for the road. The baptism, so many years ago, is thus reinforced once again during a penetrating celebration.

Our organization increasingly provides communion celebrations for groups of children.
Sometimes the local parish no longer organizes its own first communion or formal celebration and one has to go to another, further away church building.
Another time, parents do not recognize themselves in the kind of celebration that takes place in the parish church. We like to go on the road with all these people and together we grow to a very meaningful event.

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