Baptism or Birth celebration

A birth does something to a person: celebrating new life and welcoming children to this world can be accompanied and led by an employee of our organization during a celebration. We leave the choice between a birth or a baptism.

You can make certain time with family and friends to welcome a human child into the world during a birth party. They search together for words, songs and symbols of value that express what the people around this new life, his or her connection with the big world want to give me up for the rest of life.

During baptism, someone is included in the large worldwide family of Christians. With us this happens in the bosom of the Catholic Church. Ancient symbols are given a place, but they are interpreted and shaped creatively and in consultation. The pastor will issue a baptismal certificate that can be presented to the parish on request of first communion or confirmation

Validity of the certificate

Is a baptism done by Rent a Priest a real Catholic baptism?

A baptism administered by a pastor of Rent a Priest is indeed a valid Catholic baptism.

This is confirmed not only by the Belgian bishops, but also by Professor Torfs, a church lawyer, but also by the Canon Code.

Catholic baptism can only be received once in your life. Never can a church minister (eg pastor) claim that this baptism of Rent a Priest should be repeated again. This second baptism would of course be invalid.

As parents who have their child baptized Emmaüs through Rent a Priest, they would do well if they later wish to have their child join the preparatory catechesis of a local parish on the occasion of a communion party or confirmation, a duplicate of their baptism certificate that Rent a Priest delivers, to be communicated to the local parish priest. He will have this baptism certificate included in the parochial baptismal register of the parish in which those parents (or one of them) are domiciled.

This pastor, if he has any doubts, is obliged to present this duplicate to his bishop. The bishop will confirm the pastor to admit this child, to witness the preparation and the celebration of communion or confirmation, like all other children of the parish. Officially this is called in the church: “the inclusion in the entire community of the Catholic Church”. One can also propose a welcome ritual in which your child is included in the parish community.

Or as Mgr. Bonny puts it: “As always in such cases, the local pastoral official (read: pastor) submits an application to the bishop for admission into the entire community of the Catholic Church.”

A baptismal certificate can never be made public (cf. the privacy legislation) without the written permission of the person (or his parent or guardian).

For that reason, no priest or religious teacher, without breaking the privacy laws, can make public in his church, school … or anywhere else who has been baptized where.

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